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The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk
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The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk:
Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God

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We speak to ourselves at a rate of 1,300 words per minute, making constant assessment and judgments—often filtered through sinful and selfish agendas. The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk provides a down-to-earth, readable narrative, as well as practical tools that help us surface our inner conflicts. Our internal dialogues can make us blind to the scriptural truth that the vision we hold of ourselves and the reality of our walk in Christ are often polar opposites. In this book, author Shelly Beach explores real-life examples and includes tools to assist readers in the spiritual disciplines of self-assessment, repentance, commitment, and transformation.


Dr. Joe Stowell
“Shelly Beach’s book, Silent Seduction of Self-Talk, is a much-needed, easily understood, yet powerfully helpful book. I am delighted to add my name to the many who believe in this book on behalf of the thousands who have already been greatly impacted.”
Dr. Joseph Stowell
President, Cornerstone University

Ross and Barb Engelkes
“Reading Silent Seduction of Self-Talk has changed how my husband and I process through our "fights". Sometimes what seems like such a dumb arguement has its roots in our self-talk. We have discovered that if we explore how our self-talk contributes to our disagreements we resolve issues quicker and have become better forgivers. This happens because we uncover the lies we tell ourselves and replace them with the truth. We are grateful to Shelly for the gift of this knowledge.”
Barb & Ross Engelkes

Deanna Allen
Author Shelly Beach in The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk brings both personal experience and valuable insight for those who may be struggling with faulty beliefs and mindsets. Offering practical tools and simple applications of truth she helps readers identify why they might not be living the victorious life they want. This is a must read if you are seeking to challenge why you think, feel and act the way you do."
Deanna Allen - National Speaker/Author of Pathway to Serenity; Overcoming Spiritual Bankruptcy and Recovery to Destiny; Journey to the Promised Land

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